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Our mission is to provide perfectly flavoured and balance spirits, so our customers enjoy the best possible tasing experience. Although a new brand in the spirit market we continuously develop our knowledge to consistently produce and supply high quality, crafted spirits with outstanding customer service which people talk about and enjoy!



Simple, London dry gin has a long heritage, which has evolved to produce the highest quality spirit.

During the 1700s gin became particularly popular when the government allowed unlicensed gin production and as a result, between 1695 and 1735 thousands of gin shops grew up across England in what was known as the ‘Gin Craze’. During this period gin production was largely un-regulated and the spirit produced by unscrupulous distillers was often undrinkable as it tasted so unpleasant. To disguise the taste, gin producers would often add artificial ingredients, chemicals or colouring that were detrimental to the quality of the gin and people’s health.

Then the invention of the ‘Column Still’ in 1826 enabled the distillation of natural spirits and the creation of ‘London Dry Gin’ which is a process that ensures the highest quality distilled gin.

To qualify as a London Dry Gin the neutral based spirit must be distilled to at least 96% abv, all the botanicals must be natural products, they must be added during the distillation process and nothing but water or further neutral based spirit can be added post distillation. By following the London Dry Gin production process Silk Route Spirits guarantees you the highest quality drinking experience.


The basis of all gins is the juniper berry which features strongly in all our gins as the dominant flavour. However, to achieve our distinctive flavours we have carefully combined a range of specially selected botanicals, sourced from along the silk road to create a citrusy and slightly spicy taste.


Our Signature Silk Route Gin is strong on juniper, with a full fresh citrus scent and taste, with a back note of pine and eastern spices.

42% ABV / £36.00


Our Navy Strength Silk Route Gin has all the flavour of our Signature London Dry Gin but offers an extra burst of taste and texture as all the botanicals react differently in the stronger spirit base, providing a rich and warm spirit.

57% ABV / £46.00



In creating our range of rums, we have applied the same approach and exacting standards we have for all our spirits. We have sourced and use a carefully selected blend of Caribbean rums to develop a range of deliciously spiced and flavoured rums giving depth and complexity in taste.

Continuing to take inspiration from ancient trading routes we have sourced herbs and spices from across the globe to create a collection of rums that provide unique tasting spirits.


Silk Route Spirits caramel rum is a rich Caribbean gold rum blended with natural caramel and a hint of kosha salt. The combination of aged rums provides additional depth and complexity to the flavour profile, resulting in a smooth rounded spirit.

40% ABV / £34.00


Silk Route Spirits spiced rum is a blend of aged rums and full of spice, with flavours of cinnamon, nutmeg, fresh ginger, liquorice, and black pepper, along with some hidden ingredients. It also has a hint of caramel and vanilla to balance the flavours and enhance the golden rich colour.

40% ABV / £34.00

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Silk Route Spirits Signature Gin

Our Signature Gin is best enjoyed with a crisp traditional premium Indian tonic and a slice of lemon or lime, complimenting the combination of botanicals and giving a long, refreshing full flavoured drink.

Why not try an aromatic tonic, to complement the spice and citrus flavours and enhance the aroma and flavour of the juniper oil? The flavour, combined with an aromatic tonic and a few green peppercorns will transport your taste buds to the far reaches of the ancient Silk Road.


Silk Route Spirits Navy Strength Gin

Our Navy Strength Gin has all the flavour of our Signature London Dry Gin but with an extra burst of taste and texture as the botanicals react differently in the stronger spirit base, providing a rich and warm spirit. It is a diverse spirit and can be served in a number of ways.

  • Serve over ice with just a few drops of chilled water which will open the oils and botanicals that make up the body of the gin, in much the same way as with a fine whisky.
  • It is equally well served with a premium Indian tonic, a slice of lemon and a green or black olive depending on your taste, providing a dryer stronger traditional drink.
  • Alternatively, a Mediterranean tonic will enhance the spice, pine, and zesty flavours of our gin to maximise your taste experience.


Silk Route Spirits Caramel Rum

Our caramel rum can be drunk in a variety of ways depending on the occasion.

  • It is smooth and full of flavour and can be served neat with a block of ice.
  • It serves well with a quality ginger beer finished with slice of orange.
  • Alternatively, why not bring a bit of magic to your favourite coffee and add a measure of our caramel rum served either hot or chilled over ice.
  • Our caramel rum also makes an excellent Caramel Espresso Martini or Festive Egg Nogg.


Silk Route Spirits Spiced Rum

Our spiced rum is versatile in how it can be drunk depending on your preference.

  • It is smooth and full of flavour and can be served neat with a block of ice.
  • It is equally well served with a quality ginger beer or cola and served with a slice of orange.
  • Our spiced rum also makes an excellent Spiced Rum Mojito or a simple and refreshing Spiced Rum Arnold Palmer cocktail.


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