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Signature gin

Our Signature Silk Route Gin is strong on juniper, with a full fresh citrus scent and taste, with a back note of pine and eastern spices.

42% ABV / £36.00

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Our Navy Strength Silk Route Gin has all the flavour of our Signature London Dry Gin but offers an extra burst of taste and texture as all the botanicals react differently in the stronger spirit base, providing a rich and warm spirit.

57% ABV / £46.00

Caramel Rum

Silk Route Spirits Caramel rum is a rich Caribbean gold rum blended with natural caramel and a hint of kosha salt. The combination of aged rums provides additional depth and complexity to the flavour profile, resulting in a smooth rounded spirit.


40% ABV / £34.00

Miniature Collection

The ideal miniature gift set to introduce gin lovers to our selection.

Our Gin pack has 3 x 50ml bottles and can be packed the way you want it. Your options are:

  • 3 x Signature gin
  • 3 x Navy Strength gin
  • 2 x Signature gin and 1 x Navy Strength gin
  • 2 x Navy Strength gin and 1 x Signature gin


Spiced Rum

Silk Route Spirits Spiced Rum is a blend of aged rums and full of spice, with flavours of cinnamon, nutmeg, fresh ginger, liquorice, and black pepper, along with some hidden ingredients. It also has a hint of caramel and vanilla to balance the flavours and enhance the golden rich colour.


40% ABV / £34.00

Mixed Fruit Pack

Liven up your spirits with our mixed fruit pack. We believe you should enjoy your drink the way you like it and our suggestions are purely that – suggestions. But why not try something a bit different? Our mixed fruit packs contain oranges, lemons and limes – locally sourced and immediately sliced & dried by us to maximise taste and freshness. Check out the burst of citrus when you break the seal!



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